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Research interest of the Laboratory for Advanced Studies is focused on several areas of the contemporary physics such as nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory, solitons dynamics, complex system dynamics, condensed matter physics, PT-symmetric physics, atom- and quantum optics, photovoltaics, quantum materials, quantum information and mathematical physics. In particular, the group is doing theoretical studies on the following

Fields of Research

1. Low-dimensional nanoscale systems

  • Quantum transport in low-dimensional branched structures
  • Heat transport and thermoelectricity in low-dimensional nanoscale systems
  • Dynamical confinement in low-dimensional quantum systems
  • Charge carrier dynamics in conducting polymers and branched molecular chains
  • Methane and hydrogen storage in low-dimensional nanomaterials
  • Energy conversion by low-dimensional nanoscale systems
  • Low-dimensional PT-symemtric quantum systems

2. Nonlinear science

  • Soliton dynamics in branched structures and networks
  • Deterministic chaos in low-dimensional systems
  • Quantum chaos in low-dimensional systems
  • Rogue waves
  • Traffic modelling
  • PT-symmetric solitons

3. Complex System Physics

  • Self-Organized Criticality and applications
  • Modeling of extreme events, disasters and risks
  • Econophysics

4. Mathematical Physics

  • Evolution equaions on graphs and branched thin domains
  • Partial differential equations with time-dependent boundary conditions
  • Inverse problems for moving boundary conditions
  • PT-symmetric evolutions equations/span
  • Spectral theory of PT-symmetric systems

5. Quantum science and technology

  • Low-dimensdional quantum materials
  • Quantum cryptography and computation on metric graphs
  • Quantum computation in relativistic systems
  • Quamntum networks
  • Quantum biology

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